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          Jingjiang City East Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Honesty, customer first

          Production and development of dyes, medicines,
          pesticides, and liquid crystal intermediates

          Mr. Gu



          East Chemical


          Molecular formula: C2H4N4
          Molecular weight: 84
          CAS No:[584-13-4]
          Structural formula:
          Property:white needle-like crystal,soluble in water, ethanol
          Packing:net weight 50kg/drum(cardboard drum)
          Storage:avoid moisture, in cool and dry place
          Use:In organic synthesis,or as intermediate of pesticides and medicines
          Quality index:

          Item Index
          Appearance white needle-like crystal
          Assay(HPLC) 98% 99%
          Moisture ≤1%
          M.P. 79°C-81°C 81°C-83°C

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